Black and White and Red All Over

Okay so here's the deal with Nail Madness 2010:  I had to get that mess off my fingers.  I'm sure you're shocked.  Saturday is the usual day I treat myself to a mani/pedi (budget willing) and even though I really felt like sticking to the routine, all the events of last week prohibited me from being able to emotionally withstand another potentially angry exchange between the nail ladies.  Not to mention I'm to the brim with unwanted bad nail color and aggravated mayhem.

On a side note have any of you seen Allstate's new ad campaign?  I think they've been lurking on my blog because I have clearly sparked a trend with my new catch phrase.

I rest my case.  You're welcome Allstate.  Please have your people get in touch with my people (aka me) so we can arrange for an exchange of the moolah.  Mother Mayhem needs shoes. 

Meanwhile back in nailville the chipping, whacked out color and screaming match boiled down to me waking up on Saturday, whipping out the polish remover and cleaning up the fingertips mah-self.  It was amazing how I suddenly felt like a whole new girl!  Invigorated!  So after the post-beach sandstorm we got fancied up and decided to grab a bite. A couple of weeks ago I ordered the most cool knit Trovata shorts on Gilt...examine the evidence.

 Something about them is very 60's to me.  They sit just a little higher than on the waist.  Hel-loo fall transition.
And with the tucked in tank almost create the illusion of a romper. 
The wooden buttons and the belt make my heart so happy!  Little details change the entire feel of an outfit.
The Chef even commented that it was so "Jackie O" (one of my style icons).  
I think it's the ruffled jacket.  It makes the outfit very "East coast way back when we were at that party on the boat in summer".
Note that they were easy to sit in without fear of riding up...doing an odd maneuver? - maybe another story.
I wore them with my most favorite Manolo's.  Thanks Chef :)
And a Kate Spade I got several years ago.  It was my first "fancy" bag.
I don't know.  I just really like this outfit.  Wearing it makes me very feel grown-up and feminine.
p.s. these pictures were taken right by the nail place!!...what's up with the knot in my stomach?

Did any of you manage to grab a Trovata treasure or two?  They have an appointment only location in Newport by the Chef's parents.  I always peer into the window longingly at their great stuff, and totally regret not buying a long navy and white floral shirt dress that was on serious sale.  Sigh - you can't have everything Carrie.

Outfit details:  Tom Ford Bianca Sunnies, J.Crew Ruffled Jacket (last summer), Gap Favorite Cami, Trovata Knit Short, Manolo Blahnik Shoes, Kate Spade Handbag, Seventh Door Bracelet, Dyrberg/Kern Rings

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